Show Samples Waveform In Automation Window

i have only started to use the automation in renoise,but one thing i think would be nice,is if the samples waveform was shown in the automation “window”

it would help give sort of a visual overwiew when using automation

if this has been covered earlier,or its already possible somehow,then please let me know.

if this can already be done,then please let me know.

what would you want exactly?

would you like to see sample waveforms in the track automation window, or in the instrument envelopes?

either way, it is not possible to do it in Renoise.

in the first case, of which instrument should the waveform be shown?
in both cases, if an instrument has more than one sample, which sample should be shown? at which pitch?

as you see, your idea is good, but implementing it in a useful way would be hell…

ahh yes i see,i didnt thought about how hard/or how it could be implemented

i would like to have the waveform shown in the automation window,not in the instrument envelopes

will think about this some more