Shrink<->expand Pattern Data

its logical but i think its kind ov bug.

try this:

-make a rock solid drum track.
-now highlight, lets say for example, 16 first rows ov that track and shrink it
-now, dont touch on highlighting -> if you xpand this 8 row long shrinked stuff back to 16 rows you can get it back to state where it use to be BUT stuff below these rows (starting from row 16 [in hex count row 10]) gets sifted downwards 16rows.

also i noticed that if i highlight 16 first rows ov pattern and xpand it. whole track gets xpanded instead ov only highlighted area.

hard to explain but if you mock lil bit by your own with these xpand & shrink functions you will notice what i tried to xplain. its tied to amount ov highlighted rows…basically highlight sumthing and xpand/shrink/xpand this highlighted area and stuff outside selection gets fokd

peace, r0b.

I see what you mean: expand really expands over the selection, not within the selection. I find that logical, but I am a programmer.

Anyone else who finds this annoying or not?

I think he means that whilst it makes sense for it to expand in that way the selected area should change too.
Ie you highlight 16 lines, shrink so it now covers 8… the area highlighted should now be those 8 blocks.

seems quite a good point.

Yeah, that makes sense. Added / changed this for the next release…