Sibelius First Rewire Timing Problems

Sibelius first functioning demo can be downloaded here:

It works as a Rewire slave and loads once initiated from renoise rewire device.

The timing seems to be all off, i.e. the first bar/ note kicks in late and unpredictably in renoise. Maybe another chasing issue?

Just tested in reaper and the timing seems a better here (though I dont know if perfect, as I dont generally use reaper and could not test fully)

With Reaper it indeed seems to work, but with Live you get the same “stucked” behavior.

I can’t really do something here, sorry. Even if this is somehow a problem in Renoise I do need feedback from the sibelius devs what exactly is going on here.

Could you please report this to them?

Ok, I Just sent them a report through this:…

Will post back/ email when I know more


No reply from their support link.

In their own words about sibelius first vs. full edition:

Technical help: “Limited”

Nice to see they value all their customers equally :rolleyes: