Sick Puppy - Hex 96 (breakcore 300bpm 6/4)

Pure madness but i liked it.Just cut some highs. I know the distorted sound is intentional but cutting a bit highs would be better

Excellent thank you both for your input this is extremely surprised by the mix as I tested it on my studio speakers and car,seemed perfect, what are you two fellas listening on?

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akg 702 + beyerdynamic dt770 pro 80ohm + audio jack switch box + Denon ceol carino

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I have the Presonus Audiobox USB 96 Studio Ultimate edition but i forgot to specify that its the hats that need a bit of cutting on the highs but i understand that this kind of a track is meant to be this loud and dirty so its a matter of preference i guess

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Well it is on purpose, however 2 people immediately recommending cutting the highs is not a good sign.Ill have to check this,any other comments?suggestions?

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-dynamic eq?
-soft attack compressors?

Haha no I mean asides from high frequencies

Maybe add some kind of a bass element in there to fill the frequencies

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Personally I like the breaks coming in hot like that! I don’t think it’s too much distortion at all.

I wouldn’t mind more bass, but this is how you wrote the track so I’m not going to say to add anything :smiley:

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Well actually the original has more bass,I cut it because it was too much and I obviously went too far the other way

Well gentlemen, thanks for input, its now available for download,cheers.


I have now released a sample pack with all samples used in Hex 96, you can buy it here SICK PUPPY - HEX 96 SAMPLE PACK | Sick Puppy

Really brilliant track and sample pack! I purchased both:-) Waiting eagerly for you to release more! Luv your style <3

PS: Plz dont become less abrasive!!!

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Well thank you very much for the support buddy I mean that,I really appreciate it.If you like the abrasive stuff you’ll like the next track and sample pack coming!
Cheers dude.

Great track man

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Cheers bud

Sounds very promising:-)

Very impressive track:-O

Oh yes! I like this!! Soundwise i definitely prefer the youtube sound over the soundcloud (preview) version. Anyway, great stuff. And I love your abrasive sound. More, please.

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Cheers :beers: