Sidechaining #$^@!111

Yo dawg, I heard you leik you like Sidechaining, so we put a Sidechain in your Sidechain so you can Sidechain while you Sidechain.

what’s the pattern command for sidechaining again?

SCxx obviously :rolleyes:…n/sidechain.htm

wot’s sidechain good for ? :o

It remembered me I wish renoise had a built in multiband compressor. Anyway I don’t have problem to use the Houpert Digital Audio one.

eeter did it

I’m just faking sidechaining with LFO.

I learned about a new effect today. It is called Equalizer and it helps me to separate Bassdrum and Bassline frequencies so that… etc.

but… if renoise had sidechaining/amplitude following, we could use a sample to fake an LFO :D

I fake LFO with automation already.

I fake master volume automation by fiddling with my speakers volume knob. Also, I fake panning and phase LFO by rotating my head; I can also fake non constant and random LFO with these techniques!

I wrote a poem about that:

“Hate to admit
I LUV that shit”

Thats an ignorant thing to say. An equalizer only filters out (or boost) selected frequencies at a given soundsource. shure, it can help you seperate your bassline from your bassdrum, but what if you want to keep those frequencies on the bassline while the bassdrum is not hitting? you could aoutomate the eq band-gain, or hook up an lfo that retrigs every time the bd hits, and theres probably a couple of other work arounds. But some people like to focus on other parts of their music than spending alot of time fiddling around with workarounds. I use the sidekick VST its very easy to use and sounds good also. I have the old free version if anybody wants it.

I simulate my music using the tracker interface. Is there a workaround?

Yes, also a bit sarcastic, and, it was intended.

Yes and that’s my point. Given that the song is mixed in stereo, all sound sources are eventually mixed or summed together, including their frequencies, on a stereo master bus. Therefore it helps to take away frequencies not needed and boost the ones desireable. It’s very easy… if I use an equalizer on the kick channel to notch it down at 250 hz i create a “hole” or space for the bassline etc etc etc.

That’s the art of mixing. Maybe a bassdrum in a rock song shouldn’t have to require a 10" sub-woofer to be heard? But yes sometimes ducking can be useful.

I (and I really mean I) actually don’t understand why something in another end MUST occur every time the bassdrum hits???

And I am beginning to think that it is more the technical side of sidechaining that attracts people, not their actual need for it. How did they manage to mix music before the time of compressors with sc send and return jacks?

I also use sidekick at times, I even paid for it.

ya! you can use the pianoroll.