Sidechaining with Midi - In (not Audio)

(LofiMat) #1

Hi there :sunglasses:

I was wondering if it is possibel to implent a Sidechain-funktion in the next Renoise - Version.
But not with using Audio as the Input (vst3) instead using Midi - In as the SC - Trigger (vst)?

Miight be another Noob-Q but Renoise already can send Miditriggers to an Instrument and VST3 will not be implement the next Version, like TakTik already said. Also the vst2 workaround using audio in as the trigger doesnt seem easy to do in Renoise as many posts say.

So is a Midi-Trigger as inputsignal for Sidevhaining an Option for Renoise? Maybe it is already possibel too in Renoise 3.11 and I just don have thhe right Plugs to do so? Dank

(EatMe) #2

Hello LofiMat.

What I regularly do, is:

  • make a group track with the sound to duck
  • put a LFO on it, and set it to Custom envelope and the LPB (4 or 8 or 16) of 1 beat
  • assign the LFO to a (make a new) Hydra device parameter Input
  • assign the Hydra device to somewhere up to --12 dB to 0.00 dB of (make a new) Gainer device parameter Gain*

although I heard the Gainer is slow in its timing.
You may use another device with a Gain slider, or already return to - minimum setting at the last envelope point…

This way, you can just duck the gain with a LFO.
You will have to Reset the LFO at pattern or at song start.
You can also use a One-Shot LFO and retrigger the Reset parameter via a pattern command.

(LofiMat) #3

This was actually what I want to avoid. The lfo/gainer and also the signalfolower methods.

Especially for the coming UPDATE of Renoise I would really prefer better Sidechaining.

The Thing is that renoise already can send Midi impuls to Instruments and also that VST3 will NOT be implement in the next Update as we now know. Vst2 and sidechaining works somehow but also seems more complicated inside renoise and thats why we havent got that Feature.

What I also did find out is a Way to Sidechain via Midi-Triggers inside the current Renoise - Version and it somehow works (not perfect yet it for now doeas the work):

The Plugin you need for this Method is called Duck by Devius Maschines (they have a demo) - Then apply the following Track one needs a VSTi with a short trigger or drumsounds (doesnt matter which as you can mute the Audio) on Track two you put the Duck vst as fx PLUS FX Alias and set the SC Trigger to MIDI on that vst (alias fx) - on Track three you then put a pad sound or bass (This will be Sidechained by the Duck fx) ALSO the Duck vst hat to be put on the Track three as a normal FX (in the Mixer) AND you also have to send the Midi-data from Track one (instrument 1) to the Track/Instrument 2 (fx alias Duck vst) to make this work. You will then see the Midi input blinking inside the Duck vst which the INPUT there you also have to set from Audio to Midi (trigger) at the right bottom of the Duck VST; It is a bit complicated to setup but it works like a charm you can trust me on this and thank me later.

  • Track / instrument 1 = vsti with short trigger sound (routed to track/ins 2)

  • Track / instrument 2 = Duck fx vst as Alias (routed to track 03)

  • Track / instrument 3 = vsti with pad or similar And the Duck fx vst on the Mixer

  • Duck fx has a setting to change input sc - trigger from audio to midi (this too MIDI)

(lilith) #4

Where did you read that Vst3 support and sidechaining is not planned?

(LofiMat) #5

In the forums: Support Vst 3???

(lilith) #6

Hmmm… I don’t see it. Aslong there’s no post by taktik, how do you know?

(LofiMat) #7

I was sure to have read this in this forum. Something like VST3 would be to difficult to implent into Renoise and also vst3 has sidechain inside of it, while vst2 needs someworkarounds. Didnt find the exact thread so just posted the old above. I really hope you are right and that the lfo&signalfollower&gainer boys are finaly introduced to real SIDECHAINING inside our Renoise!