I actually did spend an hour trying to figure out how to sidechain my bassline on track two with a compressor, based on the 4/4 kick drum on track one - but I could not find out how to do it properly.

Can someone please explain, step-by-step, how I could set this up? Thank you :)

And yes, I am a dummy… I sometimes wonder how I am able to compose music at all.

I’ve had success putting a signal follower on the kick track, and having that signal follower control the ratio of the compressor for the bass track.
Turn down the sensitivity on the signal follower and tweak the attacks of the signal follower/ratio. That’s just me though.

Personally, I follow the signal to the threshold of a compressor. You could follow it to a gain for the same effect.

that makes sense. maybe somebody could make a small example xrns and we could get it included with the 2.5 final.