Signal Follower/Lfo Etc Resets Routing Track In Init Presets

With the Signal Follower and LFO, when going through the Presets, they remembers your selected routing on each preset until you get back to the Init preset. Then they resets you routing to nothing and you have to set them up all again. I assume the Hydra would be the same if it had any presets to go through. Are there others I have currently missed with routings to get forgotten? Is quite a pain! Can we have them always remember their routings please. Maybe a separate Clear Routing button if you really want a way of removing this but more often I want to start again from a clean slate on what I already have selected or have just been tinkering and have gone through all presets playing and get back to the start.

Would be nice if Destination window was big enough to see the name of the track, rather than number, as well but I can understand the reasoning behind this and can be seen when click so a lot more of a minor point.

This is only true for cross track routing. We simply can not remember those because this doesn’t make sense. If you set up routing in Song A, then select the preset in Song B, the routings are not what you expect them to be. Presets can only recall states for the DSP device, not change the whole song layout or something like this.

taktik is right, I think this is something which could only be solved with a song hashing system as it has been recently discussed among the team: presets info should contain the hash code of the song where they have been created (which should randomly assigned the first time the song is saved, I think, since everything can change into a song) and, if the preset get recalled in the same song, it should also restore the track routing settings.

other than this solution, I think there is nothing taktik can do about this, and I think this is expected.

you can also place the mouse cursor over the dropdown box for a bit: a tooltip will tell you the name of the track

I don’t think you understand me. When going through the Presets it remembers you routing fine until you get to the Init preset. Can’t the Init preset behave like the rest of them as far as routing goes?

I’m not talking about presets I have created or saved, just cycling through the ones that come with the standard Renoise and it not loosing the routing once you reach the Init one again. Don’t want Presets to Save routing, I just don’t want selected routing to be lost when going to the Initial Preset.

Hope that’s clearer.

I see… but this is a side effect of what we told you above. "Init"ializing a DSP setup means resetting everything, while you would like to reset everything except routing info. It may have sense, but also not, I am unsure about it.

it would be better, when possible, to undo changes in order to restore the desired configuration

And my point is it’s listed as a Preset and doesn’t behave as such. If you wanted something that resets everything then a little button next to where you select the Preset, maybe labelled R, to click and Reset the device would be a more user-friendly way to do it, with all the Presets behaving the same and the Init one being for for returning to what you would consider neutral settings.

Think about the Hydra. As there are no Presets currently there is no way to reinitialise it (remove all routing) as you can’t go to another and back to Init. If there was a Reset button you would be able to, without having to create a second Preset, and it would be much more obvious.

I understand that this is in your way when switching presets, clicking through them, but “init” should init and not softly reset only some parameters or whatever. Changing this will would just break other things, so I won’t change this. Sorry…

How would it break other things having it on a button, not as a Preset (which is clearly isn’t as it doesn’t behave like the others.)

It’s about consistency.

EDIT: Sorry I’ll stop bugging you, easy enough for me to hit Ctrl+Z and jump rpund to first Preset if I really want. Action may well confuse and annoy a lot of new users though, as it’s certainly not an obvious way to operate. I still think Init Buttons, although maybe considered clutter, would be more correct because, as you yourself say, they are not presets but initialise the DSP.