Signal Follower

After playing around with the signal follower, I noticed that it can’t send information “back” to tracks, only “forwards”. So you can’t route a signal from track 3 to tracks 1 or 2, only “forwards” to tracks 4, 5, and so on.

Is this just the inherent in the architecture of Renoise / trackers or something that could possibly be changed in the future? I often don’t always start with my drums first, and end up with the kick somewhere in the middle of the tracks. It’s easy enough to just remember and add the new tracks in for the drums first, or organize them that way before I get into mixing. Just curious!


It’s to stop you generating feedback loops and wont be changed!

Workaround: Route it through a Hydra, which will allow you to route backwards, but if it causes instability and crashed it’s your own fault.

Edit: Removed my original reply. My brain isn’t fully awake today, so I thought you were talking about something else entirely (actual proper audio routing). You can of course use kazakore’s suggested workaround in this case.

You can drag and drop tracks to reposition them, too.

I figured it had it’s reasons. And you’re right, it’s easy enough to just drag the tracks and reorganize them. Was just curious, thank you!

^ what kazakore left out (i think) is that the reason this can cause feedback is because Renoise processes tracks from left to right. thought you might like to know as you inquired as to this was Renoise-specific.

well, it’s not really a problem of feedback in any case. we avoid sending parameter changes to previous tracks as their buffers has already been calculated, so the changes you will hear will happen on the next buffer (so the results will change for every buffer size you set in your audio preference). just to be clear…

If Track2 has a SF controlling something on Track1 with has a SF controlling something on Track2 you can get feedback same as if you were controlling a device earlier in its own chain.

If it was only to do with Audio Buffers (of track processing) then the SF already has Look Ahead options, if this was set to have the value of the buffer size added to it when controlling a track to the left this delay you talk of should be taken care of shouldn’t it? Or are they dynamically sized buffers in Renoise?