Signal followers - Cannot use two instances to same destination?

Calculating the (optionally weighted) average. That is just exactly what the MetaMixer does. Learn to master it, and you can close this topic.

Thats very interesting, I will have a crack at that and see what happens. Thanks!

Really! Well that would be amazing. So I could use the MetaMixer to solve my particular problem? As far as I can see, the MetaMixer has 3 inputs, so it doesnt appear to solve the problem. But I might be missing something?

To be clear, the very first post on this thread gave an example of tracks 1 and 2 having destination to param on track 3, but in reality my problem (as discussed further into the thread) is the need to have maybe 10 or more ‘followers’ targeting a common destination parameter.

There have been some great suggestions so far (which I am very grateful for) - but I’m not sure the MetaMixer is going to help here as, from what I can gather, it is simply a device for summing three inputs with variable bias.