Silicon - 1998AD

Not my usual kind of thing, but I think it turned it out quite well. Let me know what you think!

Very great beginning, but sometimes it feels out of rhythm, but just a little bit. When the drums beat at the beginning, it would be perfect if the volume of the drums is variable so that not every thump is powerful the same way. Otherwise, really good stuff! :slight_smile:


oh, I should have thought to humanize the volume of the kicking at the beginning, I knew it was missing something. The arrhythmic feeling was intentionally meant to be a bit unsettling, but might be good to tone it down a bit though. Thanks!

Interesting work. Listening, I feel a little worried or confused, as if my brain receptors have been brought in dither state and then put in metropolis rush hour. In my humble opinion, this music portrays the confluence of city organism with technology, although with the course of the time everything starts glitching.