Silly Midi Question

i’ve been reading about how to set up/assign midi control etc… i seem to get it but what I’m not seeing is how to assign a control to advance to the next patern…if for example you have your patterns set to loop. I want to be able to loop my patterns then via a midi key advance to the next pattern…or even have a key assign to certain paterns so it wont be a linear progression (potentially allowing me to go from pattern 1 to 6 by pressing corresponding button etc…) I know how to do this via gui controls of course but is it possible to do this via midi control? if not no big deal but it would be nice…also is their a next pattern button that i don’t know about or is it just the vertical scroll bar in the pattern sequencer?

There are some other threads around here somewhere about sending [play/stop/loop/fwd/rv/etc] messages to Renoise via MMC (MIDI Machine Control). Only some of the commands work for now. (I tried to find the thread with the info, but gaaaah forum search engines aren’t very helpful.)

Helpful post with screenshot

Renoise currently supports SPP transport protocol but not every midi device sends these.
I admit a lot improvements on the MIDI side have yet to be made.
One of the major improvements recently was allowing WDM drivers for more tight midi support.

these are the controllers I plan on using
still trying to find out if they will send the spp transport protocol that seems to be necessary for the kind of control I’m looking for.

So I guess my next question is this then…what sort of live set up (midi controll wise that is) do you guys prefer? I’ve seen videos of people looping one pattern and bringing in elements by triggering specific tracks etc…