Silverstream [dnb/ambi]

yay , a new song.


thx for any feedback


Good looking’ish, spaced out d&b, fast tho…pretty frantic…first impression: I like it, but I feel the track doesn’t have a lot of bass for a drum & bass track :) I’m missing a sub, 808 booooommmm in the back, something you’d hear back in the days. grts

thx for the helpful review now i can work on it some more and try to make it better.

Really…, appreciate it that you took some time to write a few words (thought we’re all here to get better ;) ), seems that many here are just to lazy to write some words.

70 views and 1 reply is pretty SAD. :wacko: pfff

yo p7!
nice atmo. i realy like how the pads 're evolving.
and overall a good structrue. maybe add 1,2 song-breaks with (bass-)drops,
that one at ~ 4:40 is a bit too late :D .
that bass sound from beginning should get lesser filt-envelope (or add slightly modulation).
layering a sub by cloning notes or using some sub-osc like mda’s subsynth (vstfx).

for better eq-handling:…ng_excerpt1.htm

btw: subway7 is also nice.
thx for sharing.

Nice track, my kinda d&b! Like the other’s are saying, the low end needs working on, but nice feel to it - flying over landscapes with Pilot7!

P.S. 1st track on myspace is unfinished but might be worth a listen :)