Simple Asio Question

When I use Asio4All and plug my speakers directly into the headphone port it works, but when I use the Rearoute ASIO it shows the sample is playing (dB bar at the top) bit I get no sound. Why is this?

Also, are only certain audio interfaces ASIO compatible? I’m getting one for sure that I know is:

but this one I have right now (it’s bad) doesnt seem to be picking any sound up:

I plan on hooking up my MPC1000 to the Em-U audio interface so naturally I’m going to be using ASIO i suppose (MIDI), and I think the Em-U works with Asio4All right? Just wondering if i’m making a mistake getting that interface just in case my laptop isn’t compatible with the regular ASIO or something. Sort of confused, first time working with hardware.

Thanks dudes.

ASIO is just a type of driver that allows a program direct access to the audio hardware, without software mixer or any other kind of clutter. From what I understand it’s not a matter of the soundcard’s compatibility with the technology. It’s just that someone has to write the ASIO drivers for a given soundcard. ASIO4All are meant to work with soundcards whose producers did not provide an official ASIO driver.

The E-MU 0404 USB you’re about to buy has it’s own official ASIO drivers so you needn’t (and probably shouldn’t) use the ASIO4All drivers with that soundcard.

Rearoute ASIO is not really a driver for the soundcard, although it acts as one if you select it in your application, but instead of routing the signal to the soundcard, it routes it to Reaper, so you’ll only have a chance of hearing anything if you have Reaper running and configured properly.