Simple: Assigning a different mod set within the same track

I have two mod sets on the same track for the same instrument. I want to automate the instrument to switch from one mod to another. Help?

two same samples, two mod sets, two operators and macro connected to them, one operator is going up next one down

Yikes, still too new to know what that means. Know of any forum threads that go into more detail? when you get to operators and macro that’s where I get lost.

You can’t switch a sample’s modulation - they are a fixed choice (well, unless you consider lua scripting :huh:) .

But you can prepare two different samples in the same instrument, and then “mix” between them.

Akiz is referring to the ability to have the macro linked to two “operator” devices, each one sitting inside the volume of each respective sample, acting as a sort of crossfader. The operator device is the simplest of all modulation devices, it basically allows you to add/subtract/multiply/divide by a specified value.

An example: Sample A / volume operator would go from minimum to maximum, while sample B / volume operator would go from maximum to minimum.

You can adjust the range and scaling in the macro assignment dialog (hint: this is where you would flip the minimum and maximum)

Hopefully, this is useful information.

Thank you so much! This is definitely useful… still learning the ropes of some basic stuff and I look forward to getting better!