Simple Question About Effects.

This is a foolish question, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m trying to use the pitch slide effect, following the sample in the manual.
I have the initial note and the effect column (0128/0100/0100,etc.), but there is ‘OFF’
in the notes column. How do I place the OFF there? It seems to be necessary, because
my note doesn’t slide.

Thanks in advance.

Try the caps-lock. (If you have a notebook, you might need to touch it twice, but in these cases, lot of people assign the Note-off shortcut in the keyboard configuration to the “a”-key)

I changed the manual examples last week to the new codes for v2.8 (01 is now 0U, 02 is 0D), which is what I imagine the problem is. Note OFF won’t affect the pitch slide, but thanks for bringing it up; I’ve noticed there is actually no place in the manual where this is properly explained. I’ll sort this out ASAP.

A and CAPS LOCK solved the problem. Also looking at the correct manual helps.