Simple Question: Track Expanding.

anyway to keep renoise from expanding into other pattern lines while playing automatic “so it stays 1 pattern like older trackers”. Im sure this is a simple question.

actually it’s not simple because it is hard to understand what you are asking :)

I believe you are referring to “pattern wrap”:

try pressing the rightmost button

Not it. When I play a sequence without the song in “PLAYING MODE” the track will stay in 1 section. If I play while the song is playing via synth or computer keyboard, the track breaks off into more parts. I want to “LOCK” the track so it stays one part “like amiga trackers”. thanks

Correct - was looking to have a way to disable polyphonic input on some tracks.

Nopes sorry, there is no single note recording option during play mode.
Only in edit mode.

There used to be one, right?

yes, there used to be one.

I don’t understand why this feature was taken out?

Yes and some people miss it.
Specially those that want to create live percussion lines with it.
It pretty frustrating that all notes end up in two or more subtracks when they are being jammed in while they are not supposed to.

But like suggested in other threads:a fixable polyphonic voice setting would work out the best since this would also allow overwriting existing notes in the same one, two or three tracks you would have fixed for poly-mode. (one could go on jamming until everything is right and manually erase one doesn’t need.)

The old keyjazz feature was a FT2 legacy feature that cause a lot of confusion among nebies and avtually didn’t work as monophonic input actually should work IMO.

I think such a feature would be useful but only if it would be done in a non-ft2 way.

I just wanted to add to this thread I find this annoying too.

Hi - well I see allot are frustrated with this. Sorry to bring up such a touchy subject :)

The reason why I asked about this is percussions and basslines normally do not need any polyphonic tracks. Its a bit frustratiing to have to “clean up” to a single line. Any chance we can get a per track toggle? Would be fantastic for the old timers use to tracking monophonic :lol:

Having a “LOCK” icon would do the trick!

i’ll second that idea…

Maybe in the 1.6 edition, the 1.5 version will not be expanded with new features anymore.
The next release is about to come and then it will be 1.5 final. After that, just expect Taktik taking a long vacation.
In the mean time the WIP pages on the new User-pages section will probably be prepared for ideas to add.

Polyphonic expansion control (as a substitute for keyjazz) is definately one of them i want to see enlisted.