Simple Sampling?


It would be really nice to be able to do some simple sampling in Renoise.
As far as i recall almost all trackers have this feature.
(Maybe I’m blind and renoise already has this feature?).

And well, while at it, an easy way to ‘draw’ in the sample editor would be nice.

One idea would be to include a ‘new sample’ button in the Sample editor, clicking on this would bring up a dialog where one can ‘record’ or ‘create’(user specified samplerate, bit depth, lenght etc.) sample slot in the current instrument.(I had a real blast with the sampler dialog in PlayerPro(Mac) wich made creating multi sample instruments a blast, just press space to create a new slot while recording.)

The sample editor could also use a dedicated fx settings so it doesn’t rely on wich track i happen to be on when applying fx.