Simple Tools

First of all; Renoise team, you guys are champs. The mixer view was something i was never SUPER excited about, but the ability to handle dsp chains from it is something i’ve dreamed of. It makes me THAT much faster, so, again, i owe you all a drink :)

I have few complaints, if any, other than things i’ve wanted since day one, and it’d be nice to hear the team’s response on them. These are, hopefully, small things. Right now i feel Renoise has all the broad strokes in place, but it’s missing some critical details.

  1. The ability to enter specific values into envelope points. I work in tiny decimals quite often, and as-is, the envelopes are simply useless to me for anything but fairly brutish operations. I mean i literally never use them because of this.

Suggestion for solution:
Shift clicking a point opens an input box that takes a number. Hitting enter applies the number to the point.
Insofar as what kind of value this is, i’m prepared to accept hexadecimals, like pattern commands, though being able to add full floating point decimals would be positively pornographic. In addition, this would make envelopes viciously powerful, since inputting hexadecimals into the pattern effect column isn’t nearly accurate enough in some cases.

  1. Naming of DSP effects
    I often have chains of several EQs and Distortion DSPs for very specific purposes, and it’s easy to lose touch with what i planned them to do.

Suggestion for solution:
Double clicking a DSP’s name makes it editable. The mixer view still displays the proper DSP id, but mouse hovering changes the name to the custom name.

  1. Autocreation of empty patterns when in record mode and playback hits the end of the song.

Suggestion for solution:
A preferences window checkbox :)

This, good sirs, is all i’m in want of. Any thoughts?

I like all suggestions.

A tooltip could display the fx name in the mixer view instead of hovering.

Sure, all agreed on.

If i read Taktik’s replies on this requests during alpha pre-alpha testing, it looks like this is on the to do list.
I have supplied the complaint that a good alternative: rightclick upon the slider (without the slider moving to the mouse-position) or the value and have the value transported to the envelope point in the automation. The current routine is based upon the values as they can be put in the effect command column and those values have ofcourse a lower integrity if the parameter’s max value is higher than 255.

There is currently however one way to get a precise value on the first node:enter the value in the box behind the slider of the effect.
Go to the automation window and create an envelope for that slider, now the first node will have the exact value you typed in the box.
And now for the slick trick, because it probably pisses you off you can only enter one precise value and it is always on the first node.
Yes it is… But…
You can just select the node for copying it by tagging above or below it in the ruler bar of the automation window, select ctrl-c and then paste it on different places.
Paste it in a text editor for later use so you can apply the same trick for other values.
This will probably make you end up with a few code snippets in your text editor for various values.
Now you can create your automation pattern with them and if you want to repeat that small pattern, slect it again and then hit ctrl-p to continues paste the pattern into the automation window.

I hope this trick helps you out a bit.

I have used that Copy&PasteToNotepad trick quite a number of times, since I’m playing with Renoise 1.8, and I’ve always found it really great.

Real men use notepad :)

Guys, not to be a complete bitch (though i do enjoy that role), but that trick is the worst thing i have ever heard of! :D In deep, sincere honesty, as i’m a developer myself, the inability to input numbers in the envelope editor is a major, major oversight, in terms of UI, in terms of usability, and most of all in terms of sheer functionality. It’s almost shocking.

Granted, your trick “works”. However, the necessity of something that convoluted and outlandish to do something as simple as put a number into something that represents a number is just beyond reason.

Hey just be glad we’re are not the real developers of Renoise, only the freaks that found out a workaround for you.
Such tip as this coming out of the mouth of the dev would be very painfull to read.
Yes we agree:we need direct value input for automation nodes.