Simultaneous Recording Of Multiple Audio Inputs

I have a delta44 and I would like to record 4 channels of audio at once in separate samples or instruments. Typically I have to switch to a program such as Audacity to get 4 separate audio tracks from the 4 separate inputs. The only thing I can seem to do in Renoise is record a stereo track though, so I can only have 2 separate inputs at once. This may not actually be a feature of Renoise, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

I think this is a limitation of Renoise but would also like confirmation. Have had multi-output from audio devices supported for a long time (think since I bought it at least) and recording for quite a while now. Thing is don’t you always record to currently selected Instrument?

Can you have multiple Line-In devices on tracks and then third party VST Recorder recording the audio of multiple inputs? Would a recording Meta Device be away around this temporarily (thinking mainly for the Linux crew although there probably is good enough plug-ins there as well) which you only get with a registered version (to stop everybody just putting it in Master to get around rendering?)