Sinatra - Women Lose Weight


Didn’t know where else to comment on your song, Sinatra, but I downloaded this and loved it, and couldn’t tell really what kind of remix you had done since I hadn’t heard the original…

But I downloaded the original, and it was just horrible compared to this!

Been playing this nonstop on my winamp for the last few days, rated it a 90% on the song-section, thought it deserved it, very mellow and laid-back remix of an otherwise irritating song :)

Congrats :D


Hehe. Thanks dufey

I actually made this remix without listening to the original first. Actually I uploaded the remix and let a few friends hear it before I even listened to the original. Alltho, I did minor changes to it after listening to the original.

All I tried was to make an understatement of the vocals by Slick Rick

Again thanks for the feedback. And ofcoz the grand rating :D