Since sum in here seem 2B so #cracked uP.

Watch 50 Hours of Nature Soundscapes from the BBC:

Scientifically Proven to Ease Stress and Promote Happiness & Awe

A recent study from BBC Earth and UC-Berkeley has shown that watching nature documentaries can inspire “significant increases in feelings of awe, contentedness, joy, amusement and curiosity” and conversely “reduce feelings of tiredness, anger and stress.” In short, they can engender what the authors of the study call ‘real happiness’ – a kind of happiness that leads to actual improvement in individuals’ health and wellbeing,

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This makes me so sad, about people living in grey mastlots in the big cities would need yt videos to get a little lift…so little natural light to be seen in their lifes…I’m off to the lake in the green now, to some place that is apart from the other people there - doing meditation with open eyes soaking in the green and the water ripples spreading their energy, the dragonflies buzzing around, mosquitos biting me for their fair share of my blood, the smell of nature nourishing my soul, the sounds of nature, water, wind, animals and people blending together into one thing, and then the fucking swan will be getting angry with me again for intruding his place, charging after me and breaking my meditation, …is there any kind of food that would make a swan forget his resentment for a little while, so maybe I could bribe him once in a while to just accept me sitting there?