Single Note Extraction In One Track ?


knows someone, how can i cut single notes in a track, where are more than one different notes ?
e.g. You play a drumset and you wonna send each drum in one track.
(i mean a automation method not cut and paste of each note :slight_smile:
Thanks for help.

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Wrong forum. :drummer:
And not possible.

With a couple of steps it’s possible.

Say you have instruments 00 and 01 in track 0. Copy this track (shift+f4) and paste (shift+f5) to track 1. Now you have two identical tracks.

Go to advanced edit and mask by track in pattern (or song, if you want).

Put the cursor on track 0 and select source instrument 01. Press delete below the source instrument selector.

Next put the cursor on track 1 and select source insturment 00 and delete.

Now the first track should contain the first instrument and the second track only the second instrument :)

Thanks Johan.

Unfortunately, i don´t have two different instruments. I´ve got one instrument as a drumkit (5 drums on 5 different keys) and all single drums in one track.

I guess it´s not possible to seperate this single kicks and snares in one recorded drumkit in one track.

Or has somebody else an idea?



I see. In that case I’m out of ideas. I don’t use drum kits myself so I’m no expert on this…

No, there is no option to cut notes based upon their note-value (because this is what you mean).
There is one thing that can help you out if you have your percussion in one column, this means that all your notes are being played on a static width of lines.
Copy your track to a new track…
For every appearance of a certain percussion sample (note) you set the edit-step to the amount of lines that have to be skipped to be sure you only erase that note.
Start within picking a percussion sample that occurs every x-th line. (If you start with samples that occur just by random, you have too much work to do).
Remove that note by holding your delete key. Then copy the track to the clipboard again and insert it into another track, now erase another frequent note using the edit-step range for that one.
Keep continueing until you only have one played sample left in your last track.

This is a lot of work and you will have to do this for the tracks containing remaining notes as well.
There are a lot of things that gain possibilities due to the open format structure in Renoise NE.
Even when working in a session. But just have a little more patience for that version.