Single Slider To Select, Crossfade Multiple Tracks


I’d like to have variations for say a drum track available live. One way would be to have several different versions of the track running along side each other, but then I need a way to switch between them. A massive midi-mapping could be a solution, but is is possible somehow to make a simple slider that opens up different tracks when moved from 0-127. For instance with four tracks, 0-32 would open track 1, 33-64 track 2 etc. The really cool thing is that a LFO device could randomly switch between the different variations.

Maybe I should better wait with live gigs until scripting is available (not sure if that would allow live variations, though) :dribble:

maybe this could help you out (tut by jenoki)…

Thanks for replying.

However, I already knew how to do that. What I was hoping to do was the same, but with more channels, and not necessarily with x-fade. Maybe I wasn’t being clear, but something like.

0-32: Only channel A open
33-64: Only channel B open
65-96: Only channel C open
97-127: only channel D open

So in this case with four channels the sliders range from 0-127 is divided into four “windows” each opening for one of the four input channels, the other channels should be closed. Of course it should preferably work with any number of channels, with say five channels dividing the 0-127 range into five “windows”

I use the terms “open” and “closed”, because for my need I don’t care if it’s happening with a mute or a volume or a control send to a gainer. Maybe I was beeing too optimistic about what can be achieved with the current devices, but in that case consider this a feature request <_<

Try this one out - it does exactly what you want :slight_smile:

Thanks. Very clean and clever!

Why haven’t I thought about that? (Maybe because I’m not clever???).

That’s indeed clever ;) Moved to Tips & Tricks…

Nice! :o

Awsome :D