Sitemaker creates a website from your Bandcamp, Soundcloud and/or Yout

(EatMe) #1

So… I made a few artist websites…
Then I made a website that makes artist websites…

Currently content can be embedded from SoundCloud, Bandcamp and/or YouTube.
There are simple yet extensive options for graphics and colors and text.








You can save your website in the .htm file.
You need a (to $) hosting package and a domain name (make sure: easy spelling) to put your site online.
To place your file on your site, use the “default document name” likeindex.htmordefault.htm
You can also set the same file as 404/error page, it will show the website on any 404 visitors.

Sitemaker creations can now be shared with the blue “Share the created page” button.

I hope this can help you in creating your online presence. Suggestions are welcome.

(EatMe) #2

new options:
-save/load preset/last made website
-text shadow (x2)
-custom content fade time

-can add spaces to menu titles makes your artist(ic) website in a breeze…

(EatMe) #3


-better alignment of input

-green button

-default preview below at start

-graphic sets

-menu transparency

(EatMe) #4

new option: Embed content from Youtube

(EatMe) #5

Sitemaker creations can now be shared.

Sitemaker creates a website from your Bandcamp, Soundcloud and/or Youtube material.

(EatMe) #6