Skinny Puppy-a Live Spectacle

Im Fresh from seeing SKINNY PUPPY last night in manchester, and it was a blinder!
I saw them last year, and it was mega- this time did not dissapoint.
Slight change in the live setup, i.e no live guitarist, but hey, they dont need it.
they have a live drummer, on an accustic kit, with some vdrums, of course kEvin kEy on samplers, synths using midi, and logic, and OGRE, on the vocals.
the set was tight, except one noticeable hiccup, with logic, but that was covered up by a vocal/fx improv by ogre with some drums.
seeing a live setup like that reminds me how invigorating it can be to be in a band. dont get me wrong, i love playing as a solo artist, but having someone think of say- synths, and you think of drums etc can become very creative.

But maybee the best part was the support-OTTO VON SCHIRACH! now ive been following otto (and puppy for that matter :yeah: ) for a while now, and have heard how broad and frankly amazing his sound can be, but take it from me, if you EVER…EVER get the chance to see him, DO IT.
Wuth his laptop and mic he lounched a brutal assault on Manchester. With a giant alien moss creature with banana teeth to boot.
It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who saw them on this tour.

just looking for somthing.

Oooooh, jealous…

Saw them in Sweden a few years back, and it was fantastic. But it’s not like they are coming to Norway soon, so I’ll live on the memories. I particularly remember cEvins head bobbing around behind the racks surrounding him. How he’s able to know where the next knob to turn is is beyond me.

yea, they put on a great show (last year spraying blood and oil over everyone!), and cEvin knows his equipment. Plus the rack rocks :yeah: :walkman: :w00t: :yeah:

while im on the subject of otto von schirach, has anyone here used his software named OTTO? you can check it out at, it looks interesting, if not a bit pricey…

Skinny Puppy, my all time favorite band. I saw them at The Greater Wrong of the Right Tour a few years ago and that was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. If I remember it right cEvin Key also played some drums and percs on that concert…

Yea, I saw that tour, did you get covered in blood? :lol:

<3 Skinny Puppy… and I’d have loved to see Otto live too. In fact, anyone who’s worked with nivek ogre, mike patton, and venetian snares is someone I’d go to see live at the drop of a hat, even if I’d never heard their shit before.

… oh, and he uses renoise for at least some of his stuff too (according to his myspace groups… he’s in the renoise group)… which makes him all that cooler ;)

:drummer: otto fkn rules!!! :panic: :w00t: