Skip Pattern Option

One thing I would find VERY useful when working with complex arrangements, would be an option to “skip” desired patterns during both playback and rendering.

Very much like the live feature that’s already there - triggering the next patterns to play on the fly, except this would be a programmable approach, preferrably dimming down the deactivated patterns so they differ from the active patterns visually.
I picture a skip/mute toggle button next to the pattern, or maybe just an option available through the context menu.

When working with complex arrangements, consisting of lots of unsorted and different ideas for a song, I hate to delete the “unsure” parts and transitions that early in the arrangement process, so i tend to either keep those unsure patterns in the middle of the chaos, or move them all the way to the end of the arrangement, so I have the chance to get back to it later IF i decide to use it after all. But sometimes, like the project i’m working on these days, it gets way too messy, and I have to manually skip these sections during playback, and temporarily delete them before rendering. not so elegant, and ruins workflow a bit.

you see what i mean?

(Excuse me if this has been discussed before, could not find anything about it)

The ability to have a pool of patterns to choose from for an arrangement is definitely the way to go and has been requested before. Your skipping suggestion would be a temporary solution till we get a more mature arranger set-up.

I’ve always liked fl studio’s way of having patterns in a play list editor. You can create all kinds of ideas in patterns, but lay down the actual structure in the editor.

Fl studio does that pretty well…but in my opinion the best thing would be a device just like Ableton Live’s clip view.

If you delete your patterns from the Sequence Editor they still exist so you do not loose them by deleting them from the order. Just add a pattern and cycle through the numbers and you will see every pattern created it still there.

thanks for the input!

yes i know, but it would not be the solution for me. i want to temporarily keep a pattern or whole seqeunce, visually, exactly in that place in the arrangement where it originally was intended to, let’s say 3-4 patterns that work well together in a certain order, without having to remove them from the list.

aha - cool, i forgot this existed! definitely an OK workaround for now, at least for this current project i’m doing.

i think it’s a good idea!

how about a number option next to the little enqueue/play now button?

0 - skip row
1 - as it works now
n - loop pattern n times

this would be very convenient for quickly trying out arrangements and for “quick rendering” an idea with just a few patterns.

good idea maes!
custom loop mode could come in real handy. and i think the 0, 1, x approach is very logical.

Devs, how likely is it to consider something like this?