Skrillex - Make It Bun Dem (Pixel Tiger Remix)

Hey Renoise board, if you don’t frequent Beatport you might have missed that there’s a remix competition for Skrillex and Damian Marley’s track ‘Make It Bun Dem’.

It’s a track I love already, so I was very excited to try and remix it, as this is my first remix. It’s also the first time I’ve posted Dubstep up for public consumption haha (so I’m nervous about that!)

Anyway, here’s my remix, made in Renoise 2.7 with Massive, Sylenth 1.

Thanks for taking time to listen! If you’d like to vote for a fellow Renoise user here’s the link :D link

I’d love general feedback too. How are the levels for everything? Composition wise, what works and what doesn’t?

Thanks for taking time out to listen! :D

Sounds great, I love your dubstep sounds, did you make the patches yourself?

I couldn’t figure out how to vote on the page.

nice one, nice mix of vibes.

i copied u this morning:

i’m not entering the beatport thing though, my remix just went all sloppy. thanks for pointing to a fun acapella, though.

Thanks you two! :)

The dubstep parts are a mixture of samples from the original track and Massive patches I have created myself. It took a lot of work, and I use techniques learnt from the countless tutorials I have watched, but there is no sampled synths there or borrowed patches :) There are about 10+ instances of Massive in there. The biggest piece of advice I could give to recreating that sound is using the “Performer” function rather than the LFO. I have that thing automating the Filter Cut-offs and also the Wave Table positions which creates the ‘vowel’ effect. I even have it automating the pitch at times. It’s a really great feature.

Thanks for trying to vote! I really appreciate it! I forgot to mention that the voting doesn’t begin till the 19th though haha.

I like your version more :) Great job.
Some small thing that would make this track ultimate for me should be:
the 3 note thingy might get a bit monotonous. the thing that goes B D C# (i think)

nicde remix

just some though
you can phatten things with a huger sub.
i don’t know if it’s by purpose but the construction (like the original) is radio friendly for a club version you got to have 2 drop and a break in the middle.

and thank you for poiting this remix. i’ve work my ass off today and made a remix in only one days. i have probably no chance to win but it was fun

tell me what you think of it please

Thanks you two. Yeah that bass note does get a bit same-y I agree. Working on this remix over the last week you have no idea how much those 3 notes have been bouncing around my skull when I am trying to sleep haha.

Sub-Bass is something I have had a problem with in all my tracks. I really need to learn how to make it sit better in my mix. Also it always sounds quite present when I listen to it in Renoise, but after it gets rendered to WAV and then MP3 and then onto Soundcloud it always seems to have mostly despaired. Something I will definitely work on!

Thanks again. Much appreciated! :D

the key tips with subbass is to put a short pitch env on the sub so it let room for your kick

Do you mean like sidechain compression? Actually it’s not that I have my subbass drowning out things like my kick, but the other way around… the subbass gets lost in the mix. Maybe I just need to crank up the gain on it haha. Thanks for the advice though!

Just a last bump to say if you like my remix please vote for it. (Or even if you just want to support Renoise :D) Here’s the link link, I doubt I’ll even make it to the top 100, but in the top 500 would be nice haha. Thanks!

skrillex. what’s that?