skrillez brought 'trap' to europe?

i cannot find another crossover point. really, seemed to come from that skillex record with the dirty south nods. i was in the uk for a couple weeks and other places in the eu for about six weeks a few months ago maybe 2 years ago? and found the whole dirty south craze thing to be very weird. maybe it’s kind of played out now there so it’s a good time to ask, what was that all about? uhm, also ‘dirty dutch combined with hip hop’ only came from broke ass southern people cracking fl and using presets in there. wasn’t a genius combination of anything.

it’s an troll/? no, no.

First, it’s crap, not trap. And like crap, it’s disappeared in the canalisation. And I’m glad about this. So why talk about something like this and just make fun of it. ^^

k. just another quirky fad. inexplicable as mullets or sagged pants. nothing to talk about then, i guess.

With the resonance at 70%, twist the cutoff of a 24 db Lp filter; add delay and compression. For this I prefer a Superwaver P8, but for real authentic Skrillex you need an Access Virus.

amen to that.

I have little idea what the OP’s subject is trying to say… but… lets go fucking hard!