song is now included with a ep, see


I’ll have a close listen to this soon…

Yeah, this ones awesome.


Sounds really pro, but not my sort of music I think. I do, however, like the density of the sound in places, where it gets T H I C K.

alright, updated version… thanks for the comments guys… i need them !!.. :rolleyes:

Genre wise it reminded me of lain/she or a bit of Daft Punk, you managed that well.
But for my taste the bassline should follow/build chord progressions. Adding only a second note would make a lot more out of the track. The bassline should be pumped a bit more by the BD, have less hums and a tiny bit more subs instead. Your mix/master needs more high mids and less mid bass (the hums) as well, and some more notable compression to bring out the punch. Part of the genre I’d say, no matter what you think about pumping/sidechaining/compression in general.

I like the 80s bits you chose and the retriggers, some talent here!

Btw, don’t you want to put the link in your first post?

nice one gilli, you made some points that i’ve gotta look into, thanks.