sliced sample - created pattern - now want phrase - same slice being t

Hi, I just manually sliced a sample, and created a pattern with it. Then I realized, no, I want to have a longer pattern, so I thought I’d use a phrase. I created the phrase, and now every single note (C#-g#) will simply toggle the same slice.

What am I doing wrong? Is the phrase editor not meant to be used like this?

Seems to work just fine here:
5682 dblue-2015-06-08-renoise-phrase-slice-demo.xrns

Maybe check your keyzones to see if anything is mapped strangely, perhaps at a base note you didn’t expect?

Have you used actual slice markers, or did you destructively chop it into individual samples?

Maybe you can attach a quick XRNS to demonstrate the problem more clearly?