Slicer - 95% Perfection.


I am hoping that my comments are understood as constructive feedback, as the “core” of how the slicer is working now, is really up to speed with many other slicer environments.


In order for the user, to have the possibility to make beats “sound pro” - there are such things that might be wanted still, in order for the fulfillment to be 100% musically orgastic - whilst using the Slicer…

I will explain why:

When making a beat out of a loop, there are 3 work stages, depending on the quality one is after when composing a beat.

  1. Slicing
  2. Making the beat out of the slices
  3. Mixing / changing lengths of the individual “drumhits” in the beat
    (such as adding high end to hats, removing the bass out of kickdrums […essential in making dNb tracks sound loud and good…] & adding an effect of choice to snare etc. - as well as fixing the lenght(s) of the hits […also essential part of making dNb…] )

Now in order to accomplish this, (…in Renoise, by using the functions we currently have…) we need to first “make the beat” to multiple channels, so that all the “hits” are on their respective channels: “Hihats on hihat’s channels”, and “snares on snares channels”. This will work good, until there is a need to edit the beat - such as editing the length of the hihats endpoints for example - and that value of length needs to be added now to all the places in the song where those hihats are occurring - but this same result could be also accomplished by simply changing the individual envelope for that hihat / or the selected hits within the loop (with just one mousepress - to all the clips occurences in the song).

Fast and easy - and by adding both the possibilities to route a hit to a selected track, and to have a selectable envelope to all the drumhits in a kit… (within the instrument) …multiple workphases and manual editing (during making beats) can be prevented, and changed into an easy and enjoyable - a very productive method of composing.

Peace out, and thumbs up for the advancements in the software :) !!

Alternatively, it would be nice to individually select a particular note (with for instance a mapped snare) and use the copy, cut and paste functions on it. Same idea, different method. Individually routing different note columns would also be an option.