Slices : why some notes aren't playing ?

Hi everyone,

I’m discovering slices. I got a song with a sample with strange slice behavior.

There’s like 7 slices, they seem correctly mapped according to the tab on the left, I can see all my slices with keys assigned like C-4, C#4, D-4 etc.

Thing is, on that particular sample only, I can’t play some keys : if I press C#4, C-4 is played again, F-4 plays E-4 …

The result is that I can’t play 1 slice every 2 slices.

I did read the manual about this but can’t find the explanation of this. Can you point me what I’m doing wrong ? I sure would be able to make separated samples to avoid this but I would love to handle slices !

Thanks for helping



can you upload the xrni?

Here it is :

The sliced sample is 0A “recorded Sample 04”

For example if I press E (E-4) or R (F-4) the same slice 04 is triggered, and there’s no way to trigger slice 05 with keyboard.

In the instrument properties you have a scale selected — C “Whole Tone” — which is affecting the behaviour of the triggered notes.

Simply disable the scale and the slices will play normally again.

Many thanks