Slicing Vocals

I have been trying to line up a set of vocals recorded at 120 BPM to a drum loop of 180 bpm. Yes I know that it sounds bonkers but it works OK because there are enough gaps in the vocals. I did about a verse and then had to resort to dumping the files into a non-Tracker DAW to allow me to line everything up visually.

Is there a simple way that I could have done this without stepping outside Renoise world ??? or have I just run into the limitation of Trackers

chop up the vocals so each segment in the wave form is in a seperate sample with in an or in seperate instruments.

Generate drum kit in the instrument editor view, and then type in the note for whichever sample you want played at each point!

Renoise has no limitations… yes i am an idiot, but i know how to chop up vox


You’re right… bows head in shame.