Slide Of Track Dsp Parameter Through Pattern Effect Command.

Currently it is possible to set Track DSP parameters via pattern effect commands.

I propose the addition of the ability to slide Track DSP parameters via pattern effect commands.

Something like slide parameter up xx per tick or slide parameter down by xx per tick. Perhaps it should be fractional for added resolution, say add/sub x.x (shifted down 4 bit) instead of xx.

This would be useful for doing pitch slides and other parameter slides on VST and external MIDI instruments.

see also: Sliding Midi And Vst Parameters?

Why wouldn’t you want to use automation for that? Automation has an even higher precision integrity than the effect commands.

Nothing wrong with automation per se but I would want it closely tied to the notes in the track which isn’t possible currently AFAIK.

Automation visible (and selectable) vertically as a column in the tracker beside the notes would probably work too.

The intended usage: Articulation of individual notes using various parameters. (pitchbend, vibrato, filter, volume, etc…)
Note that you’d probably want these to respect note delays and things like that.

Implementing Smooth Pitch Bends (MIDI) and friends would be a great step on the way though.

You do know there is a line that follows your cursor position that goes down the Automation? Scroll down the Pattern, see the white line move, when it’s on the note enter a point with double click, below there is a box you can type in exact value if you desire. Although maybe not quite so easy for picturing afterwards…

Yes I know that. It makes it a bit awkward afterwards as you say. For instance it doesn’t automatically move with the notes when inserting, deleting, copying and pasting.

Besides that, I like entering things like this in the tracker view even though the resolution of parameters might get compromised a bit.

For me it’s a fast and rewarding way of working.