Sliding Effect And Volume Values

I’ve been wondering if there’s any way, like I’ve been used to years ago from IT and FT2 to make a slide for effects or volume.
for example, I have a pad instrument, starting at volume 01 and ending in 64, I want the values to gradually increase over, lets say 14 or 32 rows… in IT it used to be alt-k if it helps anyone.
The same was also possible for effects, for example if I pitch a sample down, I want to start slow and gradually increasing the pitch rates, from 01 to FF for example over 64 rows, in those trackers I would put F01 in the first effect row, in row 64 I would put FFF, then I would mark the 64 rows, and a press of ALT-X would make 62 increasing values in between.
Is it possible?

You can do the same in Renoise.
Make your selection then rightclick it to see some of the things you can do with it. (hint: rightclick- selection- interpolation).

Read more about ‘Interpolation’ and ‘Advanced Edit’ in help/tutorials.