Slow Down A Sample Without Pitch Change.

Hi there,

Is there a way with pattern effect commands to change the speed of a sample without changing the pitch?


There are ways to simulate this; by heavily cutting up samples and placing smart loops on each slice, then program the slices and use the bpm patterncommands to slow the scrolling.

Tho this can introduce artifacts when loopping points don’t line up properly, or if the samples aren’t that easy to slice & loop sound wise. Basically it’ll sound shit compared to a good pitch/formant shifter vst plugin.

You can also place the retrigger command (for example e3, e2, e1) in the volume or panning collumn to imitate a timestretch like effect.

on the topic of weird workarounds for this, you could also use sample offset effect (09xx) as showed in the related tutorial song

Thats great! :D
I didnt know the exact term but you helped me out big time again!