Slow Down Tempo (bpm) Pattern Fx

when listening to rendered wav on a slowing down ending of the song it makes crackles and tremolo kind of fx
it’s annoying

Bantai means that the Renoises delay FXs now “smooth” delay time changes, so you wont get clicks but a kind of zipper noise. This will happen on BPM changes when the Delay FX is synced to the BPM.

But such clicks/unexpected sounds might happen in various situations in varous BPM synced plugs. Please try to find out where that sound comes from that you don’t want/expect. Then take a look which FX are used by this track, thus might cause this. If you can not find out more by yourself upload a small example XRNS file please, so we all could try to find out what happens…

Well, if that was a delay or other VST effect, on playback it would be heard that zipper noise, but it only appears in recorded stuff