Slow Freestyle Tune WIP...Looking for some feedback

Looking for advice/ideas on the bassline & mixing (or anything else). Thanks.




Nice (rnb?) song, work on. But for me maybe add some movement to that lead by volume / mod envelope, it is kinda rough and same when its playing long note.

Like the sounds and vibes in this sketch. Just develop the track some more by creating some buildups leading into to addition of new sounds and parts, then drop some parts work out some kind of breakdown then build it all up again for a finale! I know it sounds formulaic, but just some ideas anyway. :D Again, I like your pallet and chill break-beat foundation! B) Look forward to your updated post to see what you do with it!

Thanks both of you for the feedback! A.O.M.V. it is really good to hear formulaic is OK because I usually feel guilty about it :lol: Here’s the latest:

No worries. I always try to remind myself there are no real rules that you are bound to. Thats what makes it fun. At the same time, there are some formulas that have appeal to some and I dont get too hung up about compositional elements that arent totally original. I apreciate music that has a lot of references as well as stuff that is also totally out there and unique.

BTW is there a pattern command to get my vocals to line up better (sub-single step)? Thanks.