Slower Gui In Beta 4&5 On Windows?

As reported here: a fix to get rid of VST drawing problems causes slower GFX on at least one setup.

Has anyone else noticed that the GUI is slower in the most recent build? I need to know this to decide which should be the default option. VST compatible drawing with all drivers or as fast as possible drawing.

Technically (maybe someone wants to know) its the choice between the super compatible always working Window DC blit or a DirectDraw surface blit from the backbuffer to the primary screen.

I will test it at home this evening in beta 5.

I noticed that the scopes are somewhat slower in the latest builds. Maybe because of this topic?

I noticed that the scopes are slower because the rest (mixer vu meters, master vu meters, sliders etc. are fast)

No, I dont think so. They updaterate depends on alot more stuff than the rest of the GUI though, like the ASIO buffer size and so on. But you could easily check this by setting the “CompatibleBlit” option to 0 to test if thats the reason…

Ok, I will check this.

as in my experiences, after b4 release playback was solid rock. no anymore line skips!!! +++