Slur Your Notes

Is there a easy way to slur your notes in renoise. I wouldnt mind using pitch control in automation but I do not see the option to control pitch in automation.
I just want to slur one not to the next.

It sort of depends on whether you’re working with samples or with a VST synth, as the methods are a bit different.

If you’re working with samples, then you should check out the demo song Tutorial - Glide And Pitch that comes included with Renoise. This song demonstrates how to perform various types of slides using pattern commands such as pitch up 01XX, pitch down 02XX, and glide to note 05XX.

If you’re working with a VST synth, then you are unfortunately limited by what the plugin itself actually supports. Many of them do of course have pitch bend and options for gliding between notes, but it can be tricky sometimes to get exactly what you want. In Renoise you can link a MIDI device to the VST synth, and then you will be able to control the pitch bend and a few other things. The controller can be found in Track DSPs > Meta > Automation > MIDI-Control Device. You must insert it into one of your tracks and make sure that the Linked Instrument parameter is set to the correct instrument number of the VST synth.

And, if that VST instrument you’re working with does have a portamento effect, you can automate the slides (or, any value within the VST) with the VSTi automation device.