[small Fr] Defeault Pattern Lenght

When saving a template with the first pattern’s lenght it would make sense to me if all the other (empty) patterns had the same lenght as the first one.
Anyone agree?

BTW, related question: I thought there was a shortcut for inserting a new empty pattern, but I can’t find it now. So I insert it like this, in two steps: Ctrl+Ins, Ctrl+Right. Is there a one key shortcut or was I dreaming? :unsure:

Anyone agree on this?
Or you guys only use patterns with 64 lines?

Something similar would be nice, instead of saving it into a template song, Renoise could simply remember the last used pattern size, when creating a new one.

Yes, that would be good. Probably even better. But maybe slightly more difficult to implement? Just guessing, tho.

I hardly use patterns of 64 lines, but a default length is a default length: if I need to create a pattern with the same length than the previous, I paste the previous one into the new one, and it immediately gets the right size

Yeah, after all it’s no big deal. But that’s 2 steps which shouldn’t even be needed (3 steps if you want an empty pattern). It just makes more sense to me that the default pattern lenght could be defined or that it would automatically “copy” the previously used lenght, as Beatslaughter suggested.

How about cloning your empty >64 rows pattern instead of creating a new one?
It is only one different key-combo than creating a new one.

Yes, but I need an empty one.

how about a button and/or a key to make a new empty pattern? i never use ctrl-n, maybe that could be the ‘add empty pattern’ command? that makes a lot of sense to me.

and maybe have the option to hotkey ‘change pattern length by 1’ and ‘change pattern length by 16’ in the preference menu.

Ahh, I also feel that this portion in Renoise isn’t refined well.

But now, I agree with ermi. It’s simplest. B)