Small Improvement To Vst Effects Preset Handling

When a VST plugin effect has a lot of presets/programs, things can get a liiiiittle bit weird:

This is a recreation of the 2+ pages of presets I have to scroll through every single time I need to access the Rename/Import/Export options (located at the very bottom, heh) for this plugin - Arguru’s Stardust

Perhaps it would be nice to move those options into the right-click menu for the VST/device itself, rather than in the list of presets? Or at least, maybe we can figure out a way to quickly get there without all the endless mousewheel action :)




flash brainstorming:

add a little searchbox?

That’s the stuff I’m interested in. Do you think that could work sensibly? To have a search box where I type in “export”, just to get close to the menu option where I can actually click on it? Feels a little clumsy perhaps.

I meant reducing the maximum number of visible presets, introducing a searchobx like the one which is in the VST instruments list, thus allowing to reach the Import/Export entries more rapidly.

well, anyway my suggestion is surely not the best one, but can’t find any better :)

Actually, it’s pretty good. Perhaps the menu could be treated in a similar fashion to the VST instruments:

I wouldn’t mind having more control over presets, as well as the DSP list and VST instruments.

I use lots of plugins commonly, and rarely use the other ones on my list, but I still like to have them there just in case. It would be nice to be able to place all the common ones up top… or have them automatically float up there the more I use them. It would also be nice to group plugins as well… so I don’t forget which effects/instruments do what. Plugin names are so ambiguous some times.

Even nicer than all that would be a tagging system that allows us to attach different words to each plugin.

And even nicer than that would be a DSP chain list built into Renoise that keeps track of all our favorite chains.

Anyway, I’m going to stop hijacking the thread now. l8rz!