Small Interface Tweak


I’ve got a suggestion for a minor interface tweak:

It’s adding a double-click functionality to the Disc Browser, Track Scopes, etc. (upper) and Track DSPs, Automation, etc. (lower) tabs, so that the area minimizes on a double-click in the active tab and pops up again with a single click in one of the tabs. I use the trackpad a lot, and moving the pointer to upper-right corner of the screen is somewhat of a long way. If you double-click, the pattern editor area would, of course accomodate to the space gained.


Ne’er do well.


As a temporary workaround, look for “Show/Hide Upper Frame” and “Show/Hide Lower Frame” under “Global -> View” in Keys, assign some shortcuts.



what I meant was the the tabs work in the same way, as for example, those in Photoshop’s floating pallettes – expanding or minimizing on a double-click. I’m not sure if it’s something complicated to do as it concerns the workings of the interface.