Small Question

so I’ve figured out how to do some things with renoise, beat slicing, sequencing, etc. but cant figure out
how to change the length of a note. When I sequence and renoise plays it back the last note played does not stop…how do I shorten or lengthen notes?


vsti: -off- with Capslock

sample: -off- with Capslock, Volume Envelope in the Instrument Panel, “FX” Command in Pan/Vlume -row

thank you but it wasnt quite what I meant. I mean how do you sequence a note so it doesnt play as long?

As said:placing a note-off using the Capslock key.
A note keeps playing until a noteoff underneath it or note-cut (fx in panning or volume column) command is being placed.

The length of the note when a note-off is sent is partially determined by possible instrument volume envelopes and fade-out time so this doesn’t have to mean a note is stopped instantly when it receives a note-off. A note-cut is applied per instance when you use sampled instruments but not nessesarily with VST instruments either.
A related topic is the NNA setting, this only applies to internal samples.