Small Usability Thing Again

When I click in the automation-window to crate a new controlpoint I always end up with a value that is not exactly as it currently is (because my targeting sucks). afaik right-clicking to create a controlpoint is not different from left-click at the moment, why not make right-click “add a point here with the current value set”, means no matter how far low or high I click, renoise sets a controlpoint representing exactly the value that is set at the corresponding patternline.

in the aut window or the effect col i sometimes have to make a copy of a vst instrument in order to change parameters and then get back to something as its been tweaked to fit a part.
Also find i want an option to set current value…

look here: on the bottom left, there is a label which, in the example, says “-3.333dB”. you can click it and edit it; the currently selected point will be edited accordingly.

i know that, but it’s way too much hassle and kind of a problem when you have a vst that is edited with percentages … you have to copy and paste the values which takes ages. :(