Smallest Physical Form Factor Cdr's Available?

Does anybody know of any CDR’s that are smaller than even the business card CDRs? (like this )

I need them to be a little bit smaller than that to fit inside of a certain size box for distribution (of one song of course). I know that I could always cut off the edges of the business card size to make it smaller (round, instead of rectangular) as it would still only play the inner circle of the disc… but then it would possibly have rough edges and it would be a lot of extra work for me.

so… are there any that are smaller? :)

I don’t know but I doubt it. Some of the edges needs to be the size of the standard mini 3 inch cd, or it would end up placed wrong in cd-players with a tray.

well, here are the specifics,

it being 3" long is no problem, but i need it to be less wide, to be specific, no more than 2 1/8" inches, which turns out to be 53.97 mm … most of the discs i have seen are like 61mm wide, so that is a problem :(

Try an MMC card of 8 or 16 megs. (It’s the size of an SD card)

You can at least paste a passphoto on it as print-design :D

The smallest size CDR is claimed to be 60x60mm (round) but there is no company selling these. Both the 80x60 (businesscard cdr) and 60x60 are 50mb cdr’s which makes searching very hard.

the problem is i need it for mass distribution, so unless you know where i can get a bunch of these cheap (like less than a dollar each), that’s not gonna work

i had a look to see if i could offer any info, but it looks like there isnt much to go on. only ones i saw wherre probsbly the same as you researched

You probably have to make a lot of deals on Ebay i suppose then:…1QQcmdZViewItem

Hmmz… the total costs do not really cover enough for the shipping costs however.

$1 each, $6.95 shipping for the first and $3.95 for each additional after that. these kind of auctions, the shipping cost is the money they make in disguise



Why do you need that exact format?
Overstacked on envelopes? :P

my secret maniacal world dominating distribution scheme :)

That is past technology mate, today this scheme is called “The internet”
Unless your production has to reach mass old grannies that don’t know how to download, but in that case i would try just the old retro 78 rpm vinyl… I believe the material wasn’t even vinyl yet but some hybrid between brick and plastic.

[quote name=‘vvoois’]

you’re kinda close to the mark there.

it’s still top secret until it gets released though. :)