Smart Add Of Send

If i hold ALT while dragging/clicking a send device to the DSP chain, it automatically adds a new send track and routes the send device to it.

How about that? (or something similar)

This is what you do manually most of the times when adding a send device, isn’t it?

i like the idea, but i am wondering if it would be possible to script this instead of implementing it natively?

About most of the stuff coded through API I feel those thing should be implemented natively. Not vice versa. As the new version of Renoise (2.7) came out I was a bit disappointed that scripts coded for 2.6 won’t function in 2.7. And that’s why I’d expect them to be implemented natively in next versions. I hope the devs consider to do it in next versions.

@eeter: i wouldn’t count on it. from what i’ve understood the API just got updated for 2.7 and scripts should be adapted to the changes. it is unclear whether each new update will break all existing scripts, but i doubt it.

about the whole API vs native debate when it comes to feature requests: scripting often makes things possible that the devs can’t, simply because of issues with time and release-dates. anyone can write a script, so there is no ‘feature-hold’ on scripts as there is on the last beta now, people can just build them outside of release-cycles and whatnot, in their own time. features from scripts have been implemented in Renoise 2.7 (slice markers, batch sample settings), but it will never be a guarantee.