"Smart Note Off Row" As A On/Off Switch

I seldom use the “Smart Note Off Row” shortcut (LCTRL+CAPS LOCK) to add a note-off on every column f a track with a single keypress.

What I would like to have is a simple addition to this feature: if it is triggered on a row which already has note-off’s on each column, they will be removed

Sorry to hijack :unsure: but is there a shortcut for adding a note off to all tracks?

no, there is only the one for a whole track, not for the whole row.

actually, the name “(Smart) Note Off Row” is misleading, should actually be “(Smart) Note Off Track”

I think this would be a good addition if we could also have smart note-off 2 i.e.

-Add note offs to every empty column in a row, leaving notes already there in tact.

Thinking along these lines a note-off addition to the advanced-edit content-mask would be very welcome.