Smarterer Renoise Test

Hey everybody,

I’ve made a test on Smarterer concerning Renoise.
It’s still very basic atm with only 20 questions, but if some of you die hard renoisers are willing to add a question or two, than it can become a nice way to test yourself and learn new things.


Hah neat. I got expert! The only one I got wrong was “You can load and save files in the…” question.

Though I have to admit I guessed on the shift-f3 one :lol:

But it needs a lot more questions to make it a legit measuring & learning tool of Renoise wisdom.

What is this for? Seems to want me to sign up via faceboot et al,

I also don’t understand what I get out of this

You don’t need FB at all, you can setup a regular acount w mail too.
Anyway, nobody is gaining anything from it, except knowledge.
Renoise has a super manual & great tutorials, so why not make a knowledge test to be sure you’ve read/seen it all through?

It’s actually pretty cool site! I’m master, yay. great stuff

I know that site for about 2 weeks now, and I’m addicted to the tests they offer :)

I used to do tests on OKCupid. But they have pretty stupid tests there as well.